PowerShell Cookbook (O’Reilly)

"Windows PowerShell Cookbook" è un libro attualmente in fase di realizzazione la cui prima bozza è stata resa pubblica dalla casa editrice O'Reilly, purtroppo non è disponibile il formato PDF ma i contenuti in lingua inglese sono visualizzabili online in formato HTML all'indirizzo http://powershell.labs.oreilly.com/.

L'autore è Lee Holmes, un membro del team di sviluppo Microsoft PowerShell:

Lee Holmes is a developer on the Microsoft Windows PowerShell team, and has been an authoritative source of information about PowerShell since its earliest betas. His vast experience with Windows PowerShell lets him to integrate both the 'how' and the 'why' into discussions. Lee's integration with the PowerShell and administration community (via newsgroups, mailing lists, and blogs) gives him a great deal of insight into the problems faced by all levels of administrators, and PowerShell users alike.

Come tutti i cookbook pubblicati da O'Reilly il libro ha un approccio molto pratico e fornisce il codice di centinaia di script funzionanti e adatti ai bisogni degli amministratori di sistema di qualsiasi livello, di seguito un elenco dei contenuti.

    Foreword to the First Edition
    A Guided Tour of Windows PowerShell
  1. The Windows PowerShell Interactive Shell
  2. Pipelines
  3. Variables and Objects
  4. Looping and Flow Control
  5. Strings and Unstructured Text
  6. Calculations and Math
  7. Lists, Arrays, and Hashtables
  8. Utility Tasks
  9. Simple Files
  10. Structured Files
  11. Code Reuse
  12. Internet-Enabled Scripts
  13. User Interaction
  14. Debugging
  15. Tracing and Error Management
  16. Environmental Awareness
  17. Extend the Reach of Windows PowerShell
  18. Security and Script Signing
  19. Integrated Scripting Environment
  20. Files and Directories
  21. The Windows Registry
  22. Comparing Data
  23. Event Logs
  24. Processes
  25. System Services
  26. Active Directory
  27. Enterprise Computer Management
  28. Windows Management Instrumentation
  29. Remoting
  30. Transactions
  31. Event Handling
    A. PowerShell Language and Environment
    B. Regular Expression Reference
    C. XPath Quick Reference
    D. .NET String Formatting
    String Formatting Syntax
    Standard Numeric Format Strings
    Custom Numeric Format Strings
    E. .NET DateTime Formatting
    Custom DateTime Format Strings
    F. Selected .NET Classes and Their Uses
    G. WMI Reference
    H. Selected COM Objects and Their Uses
    I. Selected Events and Their Uses
    J. Standard PowerShell Verbs

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20 Aprile 2010



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